How it all started

At 50 I got licensed as a foster parent to take in a friend of mine”s Grandson who was in the system. I had already raised children and they were grown, was newly divorced. Just basically trying to find my purpose in life. Prayed about it and decided I wanted to make a difference in this little boy”s life. Ezra today is almost 7 and he”s a happy healthy little boy. Being single I wanted another income and something I could do from my home workshop so working with a candle company in the past I decided to create Rezral Candle Co. All of my vessels are made from hand poured concrete to give that natural feel. They are modern sleek and will look amazing with any décor. Each candle is hand poured and hand made. I have literally poured my heart into each candle and wax melt to ensure you will have the best smelling quality candle.

Thank you so much for supporting my small business. My Son Ezra and I appreciate your business so very much

Much Love,

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